Happy birthday to me 🥂

Today I am 24 years old 🙈 and i have been very spoilt! My other half got me tickets to go see my favourite ever band Kings of Leon, a ring and a bottle of my favourite fizz from noah. I also got two more bottles of my favourite fizz from a work colleague and noah again 😂 my gorgeous nephew and niece got me an “auntie” charm for my Thomas Sabo bracelet. I have new Nike trainers, house signs, money and gift cards and more candles from noah and lots of chocolate. It’s been a lovely day that I’ve actually got to spend with my boys this year instead of working. Happy birthday meeee! 

Absolutely 👌

Even though i complain about my “mumtum” and even though sometimes you like to “test” mummy- i love you more than anything in this world noah, thank you for making me your mummy 👩‍👦

I’m not usually a lipstick kinda girl…

But I really do love this one! I’m too pale for any kind of reddy lipsticks 😂 Let’s see how long this lasts before I get annoyed with having stuff on my lips! 

St. Ives and more 

St Ives with my boys 💙 This weekend had been beautiful weather! It’s made me even more excited for our five day break away in May 🏖️🏞️ Walking, playing at the playground, playing in the garden, family visits and drinks 🍾🥂 it was just the kinda weekend i needed! 

First day of spring 🌸

Spring is here! And it rained 😂 or at least the first part of it did. Me and Noah were up and out early to get a few things done that I hadn’t been able to do over the weekend- I worked all day Saturday and then Saturday evening and yesterday I wasn’t very well. So the morning started off baking with Noah 💙 The rest of this afternoon has been a lot less exciting; cleaning and cooking! But my house smells amazing and tea is ready for tonight.

He’s growing so fast ⭐

He has changed so much, I swear the last time I looked at him he was still this chubby baby faced two year old- and yet here we are now. He looks like a “proper little boy”, which I know sounds strange because he is a little boy- but he has lost his babyish features. He is beautiful in every way ❤️